Give It One More Shot!

persistence Aug 08, 2021

Do you have a dream — a burning desire or goal you wish to achieve?

When I was 18, I had such a dream. My dream was to attend Ambassador College (AC), the very best college of its kind in the United States.

I'll never forget the excitement I felt the day I received my letter of acceptance. I was given a regional scholarship! It was like winning a million dollars in a sweepstake!

Little did I know what was to befall me within 12 weeks: three nightmares — three humongous, pitch-black monsters — that would threaten to snuff my dream from existence.

After all, I'm from the Philippines — a third-world country. Distance was a problem, money was a big problem, immigration was a big, big problem. 

To leave the Philippines, I had to obtain a student visa from the United States Consulate. Only three chances for a visa interview is allowed at any one time. If my applications are turned down thrice, I wouldn’t be...

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