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How to take care of your mind and body through proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise. How to cope with stress through proper mindfulness habits.


How to find the work you love. How to discover your passion and unique gifts, coupled with an understanding of your distinct personality and market needs.


How to understand the laws of money so you can properly save, spend, and invest. How to use wealth to support God's Work and to help and bless others.


How to find the love of your life by understanding chemistry, compatibility, and commitment. How to work through difficulties and make love last forever.


How to raise healthy, responsible, mature, and godly children. How to balance the right kind of discipline with love, support, and encouragement.


How to deal with all kinds of people and bring out the best in them. How to influence others through personal example, relationships, and teaching.


How to build and cultivate an intimate relationship with God. How to develop a stronger faith and become a more loving, mature, and Christlike person. 


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