How to Double Your Happiness in 2020

happiness Jan 05, 2020

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Everyone wants to be happy. 

It’s a universal desire and aspiration. But how many today are truly happy? Many if not most are living worried, anxious, and stressed-out lives. How can we overcome this?

Here are three simple keys on how you can double your happiness in 2020 and beyond:

GROW. Happiness equals progress — constantly moving in a positive direction. If we’re stagnant, we slowly deteriorate. We are all built for growth. So we’re either growing or dying. So, nurture your spirit, mind, soul, and being by improving yourself in every possible way. Read and study inspirational and encouraging books, especially the Bible, the foundation of truth and wisdom. Don't spend so much time on social media or watching mindless TV. Be more intentional with how you spend your time this year. Find ways to improve aspects of your life like your health, career,...

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